Boosting b2b leads with LinkedIn Company Extractor is the best b2b Lead generation method

February 11, 2020

Best b2b leads generation method is generating leads from LinkedIn

In 2020 if you are running a B2B business or a company then please forget all social media platforms or expensive paid advertisements except LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best choice for you. LinkedIn’s network consists of more than 620 million users including b2b professionals, companies, and individuals. It is revealed that 70 million users are b2b professionals and 45 million users are an expert in b2b business, that’s the reason LinkedIn, is the vision of B2B marketer’s. Research proved that around 87% of B2B sales experts and sales managers around the world are generating and boosting b2b leads data through LinkedIn and sales navigator. 

Without a LinkedIn scraper, you cannot generate leads from LinkedIn because it has millions of profiles and complex data. Following is the best LinkedIn Scraper software for extracting b2b leads from LinkedIn. 

Boosting b2b leads with LinkedIn Company Extractor is the best b2b lead generation method 

As a business owner or a b2b business sales manager you know the worth of B2B leads generation for boosting business sales and revenue in 2020. As I told you LinkedIn is the trendiest social media platform for generating B2B leads. For extracting b2b leads data from LinkedIn I recommend the best LinkedIn scraper software which is “LinkedIn Company Extractor.” 

LinkedIn Company Extractor can search and extract B2B Leads data with all possible contact information such as Companies Name, business types and locations, contact information (email, phone number available on Google) available on Google, company’s size, Blog URLs, product type Country name, etc from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. You can make your own b2b leads database with LinkedIn Company Extractor by exporting your extracted b2b leads data into .xlsx, .csv,(opens in excel) .txt files for future use.

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Then one of my friends suggested to me LinkedIn Company Extractor because they are already using this.

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