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Booking Emirates Airlines Pet Travel

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There are some novel principles for booking pet travel with Emirates Airlines. For instance, while customary tamed felines and canines aren't allowed in the lodge, birds of prey are permitted to go in-lodge between explicit areas. 


emirates reservation phone number dubai  Peruse on to study how to book your bird of prey (or other pet) with Emirates Airlines.

Pets Traveling In-Cabin 


  1. Will your pet travel in-lodge with Emirates? Just if your pet is a hawk flying among Dubai and a few areas in Pakistan or if your pet is a prepared guide canine for the visually impaired. Going with an alternate sort of pet? Jump to stage 3. On the off chance that you own a guide canine, kindly read these guidelines on the best way to book your canine's flight. To book your bird of prey in-lodge, if it's not too much trouble, connect with your neighborhood Emirates office well ahead of time of your movements. 


Pets Traveling as Excess Baggage 


  1. Canines, felines, hawks, and pet flying creatures can go as checked stuff in freight as an expansion to your own ticket.  emirates airlines customer service uae There are no restrictions to the quantity of pets permitted on your Emirates trip as checked things. Be that as it may, it's essential to know about any import rules confining travel to unaccompanied payload just or restricting the quantity of pets permitted to enter preceding booking your pet as checked things with Emirates. 


Also, up to two pets who are equivalent in size up to 14kg and are accustomed to sharing space together may go in a similar case. Any remaining pets are needed to go in their own case. For abundance things travel, the case's measurements can't surpass 118in or 300cm. 


On the off chance that you have different pets who can't travel together, a flight longer than 17 hours, a pet other than a feline,  emirates airlines customer canine, or winged creature, or in case you're pet will travel a country that doesn't permit overabundance things travel for pet imports 


  1. Before you can book your pet as overabundance things, you should discover an IATA affirmed travel container for your pet to go in. We have tips on the most proficient method to locate the correct travel pet hotel on our on this page of our site. 


At the point when you're prepared to book your pet as abundance things, contact your nearby Emirates office. The evaluating for pets going as overabundance things are: 


UNACCOMPANIED PETS OR PETS TRAVELING AS CARGO ikewise with went with movement, your pet will require an endorsed go carton to fly all alone. In case you're experiencing difficulty discovering one all alone, Emirates has  emirates airlines telefono pet hotels accessible for buy in Dubai and different areas.


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