Bolt Factory Teaches You To Unload Bolts

May 19, 2020

In daily production and life, fasteners are widely used in various equipment and facilities. For the use of fasteners, our common problem is rust, which is difficult to unload and cannot be screwed. So how do we deal with this phenomenon? Next, let’s follow zhejiang weigao Bolt Factory to learn more about it.
This is actually very normal, maybe because the fasteners have been used for too long, or the quality of the fasteners is not too good, what should I do when facing rusty fasteners and cannot be removed? We provide you with The following five tips are convenient for unloading rusty fasteners:
1. Knock: Use your hammer, corroded stainless steel nut, it is easy to loosen the nut. For example, bicycle pedals fix both ends of the bolt and nut, according to the thickness of the pedal and the metal structure, grasp the size of the nut. The nut between the cast iron can be forced slightly larger, using plastic. If you still can’t do it, hit the nut in the direction of the hammer, and the nut can be easily removed.
2. Shock: rusty screws, don’t use a wrench to tighten it hard, six face corners, to prevent the screw from screwing or twisting the wrench. At this time, you can use a wrench that gently vibrates with a hammer. Generally, the rusty screw can vibrate.
3. Punching: For the protection of the corrosion of stainless steel screws on the top of some equipment, a wrench, cutter, and method of emission effects are available. First use a hammer and a screwdriver to tighten the top of the flat V-groove direction.
Then, after adjusting the cone angle and the direction of rotation along the helix, you can use a wire cutter screw screw. “One” or “ten” screw sliding, this method may be adopted, the steel wire screw clamping screw.
4. Welding: Remove the device and tighten the screws. The top of the broken screw is usually not used with an electric drill, because it will be a bit careless with a bad wire hole. A better method is to weld with broken iron wire. Determine the iron cross-section by the diameter of the stainless steel fastener.
5. Burning: Some of the screws embroidered are very corroded, and the above method still does not work, you can use “fire”. Use gas welding to oxidize the flame screw, completely roast the nut, and then burn the red screw silk small oil drops.
The purpose of heating the screw is to thermally expand the screw. The purpose of the drip meeting is to quickly shrink the screw, increase the gap between the screw and the stainless steel nut, and oil flows into the loose nut, but if any plastic components are nearby, be careful with this method.
The above is what our China Nut manufacturers want to share with you today. For more related information, please pay attention to our website for a long time.

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