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January 15, 2020

Blockchain technology is the backbone of the crypto space. Most known tokens/coins are built from the ETH blockchain. ProperSix has developed various upgrades within their product to ensure the customer gets the fastest transaction speeds found on any exchange in 2020. The team estimates they will achieve more than 6,000 transactions per second, which shows amazing efficiency and determination to create added value. The use of artificial intelligence algorithms will fix the deficiencies found in previous used blockchain technology, where a lack of agreement among users happens.

Blockchain Trading Platform

With a centralized system the power and control over the transactions comes from one main source, such as a bank. In traditional crypto fashion the ProperSix team will ensure the platform is decentralized implementing blockchain technology. The users on the network are able to keep themselves anonymous, while still allowing other users to see complete transparency of transactions. ProperSix will use their developed consensus algorithm, which allows all users using the network to agree on how/what data is uploaded within the blockchain network. This creates an identifiable record of all transactions that transpire within the set of connections. Transparency is a key ingredient to a successful exchange, specially an international one.

The company has set various procedures into place to protect the user’s personal data and accounts set up within the ProperSix Casino or exchange. As with most exchanges a user will have to create a user profile and can choose to associate the many security options ProperSix has added. ProperSix offers a multi-factor authentication, e-mail verification, as well as IP verification to authenticate all transactions occurring on user accounts. The multi-factor is a better solution than the known 2Fa verification found with Google. It is always advised to use an e-mail regularly checked or set with push notifications, so you can get alerts if possible fraudulent activity occurs on your account.


1.High Security

2.High Speed



5.Private Key Storage

6.Ease of Use

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