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January 25, 2021

BIS Registration is a manufacturer concerned registration/BIS Licence and is always issued only to a manufacturer. Importers, traders and dealers are not covered under the scheme. The registration is focused on quality compliant goods and products. Indian standards are designed for assuring maximum safety and quality to the consumers. BIS Registration could also be called BIS Certification. BIS is a govt body that take cares of multiple registrations such as ISI Registration, CRS Registration, Toy Registration. Scheme-1 under the BIS Registration is done by physically auditing the manufacturing units while Scheme-2 is processed on the basis of self-declaration of quality compliant goods. Registration is open for all manufacturers all over the world. The scheme prevents dumping of non-compliant goods into the Indian markets. BIS Registration increases competition for Indian manufacturers as well to compete with foreign manufacturers both complying to the same Indian standards.

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