September 9, 2020

THE WORLD´S GREATEST CENTER OF ENDEMIC BIRDS is Peru and the place is great for Peru Bird Photo Tour.

Amazon Birding Northern Peru birding tour explores a less-often-visited part of one of South America´s premier birdwatching countries. This exciting tour focuses on the many species found in the northern part of Peru, home to numerous specialities, including White-winged Guan and the extraordinary Marvelous Spatuletail.

One of the topographically most complex countries on earth, Peru boasts an immense avifauna adding up to a staggering total of over 1817 species. While most Peruvian bird tour itineraries omitting almost the entire northern half of this huge country, South American bird addicts have always longed to explore the “unknown” regions of this fabulous land.

No country has seen the discovery of more birds new to science in the last few decades than Peru has, and in the late seventies and early eighties new species were described at an average rate of two per year. Since they were usually found in isolated mountain ranges and remote areas, the full scale expeditions that led to their discovery greatly increased our knowledge of South American birds in general, and more was learnt about many birds that until then were only known from a few old specimens. Notwithstanding, many of the country´s birds are still poorly known, and there are still several species of which practically nothing is known in life.

This adventurous tour focuses on the largely mountainous northern tier of the country, a fantastic treasure chest of endemic, ocalized and little-known birds. With a mountainous backbone sliced up by the mighty Maranon River and its tributaries, this region is a biogeographic jigsaw puzzle that still hasn´t given up all its secrets. Our journey will take us from the Western Cordillera of the Andes into the breathtaking Maranon Canyon, where the headwaters of the Amazon run through an arid mountain valley for over 600 miles (1000km), and from there to the forested mountainsides of the outlying eastern slopes of the Andes. Finally we will explore the deserts and foothills along the Pacific coast. During our travels we will search for some near-legendary species. Whilst focusing on the many specialities, we will also see a large variety of more widespread birds and enjoy some scenery that is among the most spectacular in the continent.

Starting out in the colonial city of Chiclayo to Tarapoto

The world´s most spectacular hummingbird, the amazing Marvelous Spatuletail. Not far away, Owlet Lodge will be our base for exploring the diverse birdlife of the cloudforests on the jagged mountain ridges of Abra Patricia and the luxuriant foothill forests of Afluente lower down. Here we will look for such legendary birds as Royal Sunangel, Cinnamon-breasted Tody-Tyrant and Bar-winged Wood-Wren, while also sampling the rich east Andean cloudforest avifauna, including scores of colourful tanagers. Lower down, the foothill forest holds the endangered Ash-throated Antwren and the San Martin form of the Mishana Tyrannulet, which may represent a distinct species.



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