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Biggest Challenges That IoT Face in 2019

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new concept that’s impacting us in new ways every day. The term itself refers to the interconnectivity of our devices which are becoming smarter than ever before. Devices are able to collect information, receive information, and act on this information.

As you can imagine, the development of the IoT is a big area of research, but it’s not without its challenges. By 2020, we could have as many as 50 billion connected devices. While a few years ago this would have been a cause for celebration, many people think it’s a cause for alarm.

The problem arises when connectivity is no longer optional, and people might feel uncomfortable with the way their data is being harvested by companies. In this guide, we’ll explore the biggest challenges that face IoT in 2019 so you can decide for yourself how businesses should continue moving forward.

1. Stronger AI Attacks

Attacks against the IoT are far from new. Cyber attackers today are stronger than ever. What happens if they can take control of unsecured connected devices to target DNS providers and tech companies? What if they steal user information?

Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and multi-stage. They’re more advanced, and as we see the IoT spread to new industries, it only becomes more important to protect this information.

2. Cloud Attacks

Speaking of cyberattacks, what happens to all of that data stored in the cloud? Cloud providers will likely become one of the new targets moving forward. Cybercrime is simply expanding too rapidly.

3. Consumer Perception

Believe it or not, one of the biggest problems with the IoT is consumer perception. Consumers simply don’t trust the security of their devices. With breaches from big-name companies and recent scandals with social media platforms, it’s unlikely the industry will be able to reclaim this confidence any time soon.

The reality is that many users simply don’t understand how their devices stay so connected, and they don’t always understand exactly how their data is being used.

4. Lack of Logging

Logging is how data companies, software, and tech devices keep track of their real-time status. Things can go wrong quickly in the digital world. When problems do happen, they’re difficult to diagnose and take time to recover from.

5. Limitations of AI

Finally, there are limitations to the power of AI or artificial intelligence. There tends to be a focus on all of the amazing benefits of AI, but there’s still the fact that AI is still not ready to handle large amounts of information. AI has limits.

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