Best Melasma Treatment in Gurgaon

February 12, 2020

Melasma is a common pigmentation skin disorder, which is characterized by dark brown patches on the skin. Also called the “chloasma” or “mask of pregnancy,” prolonged exposure to sunlight or hormonal imbalance are the most common causes of melasma. It is recommended to consult a skin specialist instead of trying home remedies since the wrong medication can have terrible and lasting consequences on the skin. Aster Dermatology provides melasma treatment in Gurgaon using advanced cosmetic procedures that restore the skin’s natural and youthful appearance. Dr. Niti Gaur is one of the most experienced and best skin doctor in Gurgaon. To consult Dr. Niti Gaur regarding melasma and other skin concerns, visit Aster Dermatology today!

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