Best Indoor game is ludo star?

December 15, 2020

PINTOY make a wide range of wooden educational toys for children. The brand is one of the most popular on the market at the moment, this article attempts to look at the reasons behind this success and in doing so give a personal opinion about how good they are.

PINTOY make a wide range of toys from wood that are for educational purposes. They also make a range of games, such as Solitare and Ludo Star that appeal to children and adults alike. PINTOY try and ensure that all their products are fun, educational and really pleasing to look at in a traditional sense. They use bold and primary colors to assist in this and try and minimize the use of plastic, nails and other less traditional materials.

PINTOY also make a series of children’s furniture and ride on toys that follow the same principles as the toys. The author has less experience of these and so will steer clear of them for the remainder of the article.

PINTOY is a name that sometimes refers to the toy and novelty gadget that has a series of pins set in a loose frame that allows impressions to be made. This is not the object of this article but is mentioned here to avoid confusion.

A good example of a PINTOY product, that I shall use to explain the way the product functions, is the PINTOY wooden rainbow roller. Its function, beyond being fun to play with, is to help children learn to stand, give them help in taking their first steps and show all the colors of the rainbow. The roller has: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet colors, that when spun produce white. The toy is made almost entirely from recycled rubber trees. The idea is that the rainbow roller provides just enough stability to give the child just enough help that it needs to stand, but not so much that he or she does not learn to walk correctly. It is designed to hold the attention of the infant with bright colors and an ergonomically pleasing design.

The wood for these products comes from recycled rubber trees that have finished their natural lives providing rubber and are then turned in to toys. This is important as they are using nature in a harmonious way. The rubber farms are replanted once the wood is harvested, thus the balance of nature is preserved and the process is sustainable.

The paint that is used in these toys is non toxic and water based. This means it is the brightest color available but is completely safe for biting toddlers. The rubber wood is soft and when bitten is both non toxic and not so hard as to cause damage to young teeth and gums.

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