Best In Vitro Fertilization Center in Pakistan

January 5, 2021

Best In Vitro Fertilization Center in Pakistan
In its first 22 years, ACIMC has achieved a monument in the medical history of Pakistan by conceiving the first baby. through “Frozen Embryo Transfer”, an advance medical procedure developed through the transfer of technology from our Australian counterparts.

Test tube baby is scientifically known as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproduction technique wherein the fertilization of human egg and spermatozoa takes place outside the body in a Petridis in an IVF lab which is specially designed to maintain sterile condition temperature and pressure. IVF procedure is a modern version of the test-tube baby procedure. Since the last few years, DNA sequencing technology is utilized for deciding the usage of best embryos for the fertilization step along with the sperms of the male partner. In-vitro fertilization can help to achieve pregnancy when other treatments have not worked. The process involves fertilizing an egg outside the body and implementing it to continue the pregnancy. One percent of babies born in the United States are conceived through IVF.


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