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February 12, 2020

Dermatology is the branch in the medical science which deals in the skin, hair and nail health. The stream is a specialty in both medical and surgical aspects. Over the years, derma products have been in huge demand across the country. This is because people are more aware of skin-related diseases like pimples, acne, shingles, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, hives and many more.

Medibyte, is a leading Chandigarh, based derma medicines Franchise Company in India. We are doing an excellent job in this sector. We are well known in the pharmaceutical industry in terms of quality products and product pricing. Investing in us for skin care products is 100% safe and secured to get a good return on investment.

We know, there is a huge market demand for the skincare products and medicines that are used by the majority of our customers. To fill the gap, Medibyte is making continuous efforts to ensure its customers, patients and clients are not be affected by the delays and should get medicines on time. The products should be readily available from the franchise company whenever required. Besides, there are various other advantages of associating with Medibyte for the various derma products.

Monopoly Rights – We provide exclusive monopoly rights to our associates.

Marketing and Promotional Materials – We provide free marketing and promotional aids to our franchise.

Best Customer Support – We provide the best customer services whenever our customers needed.

Best Affordable Rates – Our prices are very reasonable that anyone can afford it.

High-Quality Product– We ensure that our clients get a high quality out of our wide range of products. Here, are the derma products for the Franchise, Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Cream, Powder, Lotions, Soap, etc.


To conclude, the dermatology industry is one of the fast-growing and profitable sectors in the Indian market these days. With the rising population and pollution, there has been a great demand for skin care medicines. To deliver quality medications, Medibyte is active in providing the best quality products and committed to places where there are few pharmaceutical companies.

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