Best Choices of Clothing for Groom At Parivar Ceremony

January 16, 2021

India is a land of diverse cultures, sharing vibrant traditions together. And if you ask Indians what occasion they look forward to the most, most answers will be a big fat Indian wedding.

Mens Wedding Dresses

In such an auspicious event, it becomes vital for the couple to sync with each other and the decor around. The older generations might not give much importance to the clothing, the young generation today are pushing the boundaries with their choices of traditional clothing and vibrant colors. Here are some of the ideas for mens wedding dresses and how they can carry their outfit to what event.


Since an event like Sangeet is about having fun dancing and chilling, you might need a comfortable outfit. You don’t want to wear something tight on your body, sweating on the dance floor. We suggest you should wear something like a kurta and pajama at this event.

Grooms generally wear a bright color on this day, like yellow, or green. Groom can also pull off a Nehru jacket to make it look more formal and can add a dupatta for a much dramatic effect.


Sherwani can be a really good option if you want to pop out from the crowd, and in the case of grooms, they obviously want to. But what you shouldn’t forget is the fitting of the sherwani. Fit can make or break the look of your sherwani. No matter how costly your sherwani is, chances are it won’t come with the perfect fit according to your body.

So, spend a little more and get it tailored and fit you right, making you look more muscular and dapper.


Sehra is a cultural thing to wear, usually in Hindus and Sikhs. It is believed that Sehra can keep the evil eye away from the groom and maintain positivity around him. Thus, it is worn on the occasion of a wedding. These Mens wedding dresses cover the face with the garlands hanging from it. And the groom has to wear it until he meets the bride.

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