November 26, 2020

A huge warm welcome to the citizens of Patna. We all are attracted to the comfort and healthy lifestyle of people in Patna. In such a rush lifestyle accidents can happen anytime and at any place, so Patna Ambulance Services provides the best Road Ambulance Services in Patna. We feel very proud when people call us the unique pioneers in providing the Air Ambulance in Patna for helping the people in emergency situations.



The credit only goes to our relentless staff, which work nonstop 24 hours and we believe that this is not the end but this is the beginning. The person who is being transported needs advanced equipment and medical facilities to stabilize the patient. And these services are only provided by us at an affordable cost.





If the patient needs urgent transfer then we also provide Ambulance in Patna with the facilities like ICU services, cardiac services, portable mobile ventilators, electric suction machines, defibrillation support, emergency medical drugs, etc. Patna Air and Train Ambulance Services Pvt. Ltd. is in full support of the transporting the patient with best medical facilities but sometimes the patient has to be moved in another state in any type of urgency and so we also provide Ambulance from Patna to other cities, district, and state, so as to provide high-level treatment and support to the citizens under all circumstances. Thus, we work on our motto to save the lives of as many people as we can in our city. just visit our office or call us

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Patna Air and Train Ambulance services provide Air Ambulance Services in Patna at Affordable price, 24/7 availability, hassle-free services, and qualified staff.

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