Beauty of Birds of Peru

October 3, 2020

Peru Bird Photo Tour is the most complete and authoritative field guide to this diverse, neotropical landscape. It features every one of Peru’s 1,817 bird species and shows the distinct plumages of each in 307 superb, high-quality color plates. Concise descriptions and color distribution maps are located opposite the plates, making this book much easier to use in the field than standard neotropical field guides. This fully revised paperback edition includes twenty-five additional species.

A comprehensive guide to all 1,817 species found in Peru–one fifth of the world’s birds–with subspecies, sexes, age classes, and morphs fully illustrated

Designed especially for field use, with vivid descriptive information and helpful identification tips opposite color plates

Detailed species accounts, including a full-color distribution map

Includes 25 additional species not covered in the first edition

Features 3 entirely new plates and more than 25 additional illustrations


I am back! I hope you all are enjoying my wildlife pictures from Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Brazil Atlantic forests.

Peru is a country well-known for Machu Picchu and, trust me, it is every bit as amazing as they say it is! The scale, the grandeur, and the architecture are marvelous experience to see. But since you all know me, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that that was my last day plan! My entire Peru tour was full of what I love to do―photographing birds.

Peru is where photographers and bird watchers aspire to go. It is, after all, a country with the most diverse bird species and scenic views that have worldwide photographers stunned. It is a must-visit on every bird photographer’s bucket list. Peru is a birder’s paradise with the most beautiful avian treasury in the world.

Peru is home to 20% of the world’s total bird species, along with the highest number of endemics in the world! And the count increases every day. It is abundant with so many beautiful destinations, and apart from the well-known heritage site Machu Picchu, I had to show you the birds the country boasts of!

Alfredo Begazo grew up with Peruvian Meadowlarks and Marvelous Spatuletails, and was used to waking up to the morning choruses of Pacific Doves in Lima, Peru.  He now wakes up to the choruses of Northern Cardinals and Northern Mockingbirds in sunny Vero Beach, Florida.  Alfredo, an experienced birder in Peru and well-rounded naturalist, founded a birding and nature eco-travel company, known as Surbound Expeditions (Sur=Spanish for south). We look forward to more contributions from Alfredo and his colleagues!



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