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February 17, 2021

BCA Course

Bachelor in Computer Application is the full form of BCA, and it is an introductory course in Computer Application. For students who wish to develop their careers in the field of information technology, the BCA course is a perfect choice.  It focuses primarily on computing systems and the development of software. There is a great demand for software experts in the world of information technology. Even, with the rise in the use of information technologies, after this course, students will have fantastic job opportunities.

Students study various topics in this class, such as programming languages, hardware, and software, computer networks, etc.

They also learn the functional implementation of each notion. Students have several opportunities since finishing the BCA.  In the same stream (MCA), they can either go for a Master’s program, or they can pick an MBA program. So, the computers of interested and qualified applicants will certainly go for this course.

The BCA is considered to be equivalent to the B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. In all these courses, however, there are various variations. The BCA course has a length of 3 years and has two semesters per year. So, this course consists of a total of 6 semesters. Data models, information systems, and computing networks are among the main topics. To follow this course, students should have graduated from the science stream for their 12th. Also, a compulsory subject is English. Because most businesses focus on computer software, there is a broader opportunity for students holding the BCA degree to work with the top prestigious firms.

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