B.Tech Course – Fees, Duration, Colleges, Admission, Full Form, Eligibility & Placement

February 17, 2021

B.Tech Course

The B.Tech Course is a four-year course for undergraduates. which students after their 12th class can follow. This course has a strong business demand as you can learn the expertise and skills needed in the work market in this course.


A wide variety of specialization is required for B.Tech. As per your choice, you can pick anyone. A thorough understanding of the subject would be provided by these specializations. You will discover all of this field’s principles and definitions. You need to know the fundamentals of the area to become an expert in that area.


This is a course for practitioners that cannot be followed by any pupil. Only should be taken by Science Stream students. There is a minimum mark criterion, as well. To get admitted to this course, you need to meet all these criteria.

The B.Tech course is a very broad course, and in this course, there is a wide range of streams. B.Tech course has, basically, a stream connected to any sector. This large range of options makes it more valuable. This can be chosen by learners in their preference stream.

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