Ayurvedic medicine after delivery/After delivery care ayurveda

November 13, 2020
Hassle free After delivery care in the comfort of the home.
Prepared as a result of extensive research work under expert Ayurvedic doctors.
Step by step programme meant for total recharge and rejuvenation of a women’s body, post delivery.
•A pack of 7 medicines, including exclusively prepared and hand blended medicated oils for massage, thereby reducing the stomach bulging out, regain old size and shape faster, softening the skin, and stretch marks correction.
Helps the abdomen to regain its natural shape and size faster, post delivery.
•Eliminates back ache and joint pain which is common after delivery. Provides strength and firmness to the body.
Package contains medicinal bathing powder (Vethu) and Massage powder (Kizhi Powder).
•Specially prepared Aristas and Lehya containing extracts of fruits such as Black Plum,Indian Gooseberry,and medicinal herbs such as Amla, Aswagandha and Brahmi.
•Treats constipation, enhance digestion, Strengthen the heart, purify blood.
•Rejuvenates, revitalises, and recharges the body.
•Improves memory and Wisdom.
Does not contain chemicals or preservatives.
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