Avail Ambulance including Home nursing Service with us

January 5, 2021

Patna Air and Train Ambulance Services is one of the best and most selected Ambulances providing companies in the state of Bihar. And the proud thing is we are selected by the citizen in the state of Bihar after using our first-class services all the client give us the best review of our work. We have a team of doctors and staff for the best hospitality service inside the Air Ambulance Services in Patna or Road Ambulance Services from Patna. Our staffs were fully motivated towards their work and they have saved the lives of many peoples in a serious condition that’s why we are on the top list of Ambulance Service in Patna.

Beyond Ambulance in Patna we are also providing Home nursing services to the peoples leaves in Patna or any other city inside the beautiful state of Bihar. Home nursing service is to help the people and get recovered inside their home, and all needed treatments were done inside their home at a very low chargeable cost. And when any of our patients need an ICU treatment then they were transferred to the best hospital near to their home with our fully installed, and fast ICU Ambulance in Patna. And inside our Ambulance from Patna, all the comforts were there with the best staff for good hospitality service.


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Patna Air and Train Ambulance services provide Air Ambulance Services in Patna at Affordable price, 24/7 availability, hassle-free services, and qualified staff.

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