Automation Testing Solution from ZenTao team

February 23, 2021

ZenTao team has developed its own open source automation testing framework ZTF and universal data generator ZenData, which together with ZenTao project management software constitute a professional automation testing solution that can help users realize large-scale automation testing and improve testing efficiency.

ZenTao, ZTF and ZenData are independent and complementary to each other. Together with the Jenkins continuous integration platform, as well as JUnit, Selenium and other unit and automation testing frameworks and tools, they form a complete automation testing solution. Users can use Jenkins to drive ZTF to execute certain types of automated tests, and scripts get structured test data by accessing data files or API interfaces generated by ZenData during the testing process, thus realizing the purpose of separating data and scripts.

ZTF automation testing framework

Zentao Testing Framework, or ZTF for short, is an open source automation test management framework. Compared with the existing automation testing framework on the market , ZTF is more focused on the management of automated testing features .

ZTF features:

  • Simple: ZTF’s syntax tags and rules are very simple, easy to get started at first glance.
  • Cross-platform: ZTF is developed in GO language, cross-platform, only one executable file, it can run.
  • Cross-language: ZTF supports common programming languages, you can use whatever you like.
  • Cross-framework: ZTF can be well integrated with common unit testing frameworks and common automation testing frameworks in the market.
  • Engineering: Using ZTF can really achieve engineering automation testing, you can manage and execute automation tests in large quantities and on a large scale.
  • Cross-scenario: With the help of other frameworks, ZTF can be used to do unit testing, interface testing, web interface testing, GUI interface testing, APP testing and many other scenarios.

ZenData Universal Data Generation Tool

ZenData is a dependency-free, cross-platform, simple syntax and easy-to-use general-purpose data generation tool. It has two main functions: data generation and data parsing. Through a configuration file, you can use ZenData to generate as much data as you want.

ZenData features

  • Simple and dependency-free, with only one executable file, it can meet both command line generation and HTTP interface data generation services.
  • The use of configuration files to generate data, the use of personnel do not need to have development knowledge, you can get started with the application.
  • Provides powerful syntax, grouping, interval, step, loop, random, formatting and prefix, etc., with great configuration flexibility.
  • Supports reading data from text files for precise user control over field values.
  • Provides a standard SQL query interface for Excel table data, making it more flexible to use.
  • Multiplexing of definitions using prefabricated sequences (ranges), instances (instances), and configurations (config) to solve complex data format definitions.
  • The syntax supports inheritance and extension to facilitate reuse between definition files.


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