Are you Making these Mistakes in getting a Myanmar Visa On arrival?

February 8, 2020

If you require a Myanmar visa on arrival so, you need to fill the application with the proper details. If you are doing the mistakes while filling the visa application form it will create the problem in getting the visa and your visa should be denied and you will not get the Myanmar visa on arrival.

 Misunderstanding of online service fee including stamping fee:
Sometimes paying the visa fees should create the problem in getting the Myanmar visa on arrival because there are two kinds of visa fees. The online visa fees are paid to the online agent or getting the Myanmar visa on arrival stamping fees is paid upon the arrival. So don’t be confused about both the fees
 Misunderstanding of getting a visa to Myanmar at the border:
Sometimes people think that visa on arrival can also be obtained at the land border but, this is wrong because Myanmar visa on arrival only works for those who apply for a visa by air to Myanmar.

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