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Are you looking to get a Canada Permanent Resident Visa in 2020

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Canada Permanent residency visa is allotted for five years and provides the right to the applicant to live stay and work anywhere in Canada. Owing to its benefits, it is the most popular choice of immigration.

Canada gets over 2,00,000 people every year who immigrate through the Canada Permanent Resident Visa. There are numerous benefits of relocating to Canada with the PR status. The core ones include free education and the free healthcare system. Apart from this, there are also many hidden benefits of relocating to Canada with the PR status like you can apply for Canadian Citizenship after a considerable time of stay in Canada.

The Canada Permanent Resident Visa is the best pathway through which any candidate can move to the country, but meeting the eligibility requirements is must for immigration. The most successful models of migration to Canada with the PR status include – Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Program, and Quebec Skilled Workers Program. To this, there is an addition of two recently created pathways- the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) and Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. In these pathways, immigration is through a point-based system, and for the assessment of the applicant, the Points Calculator For Canada PR is used.

For ease in understanding the procedure, we will discuss the Express entry System immigration in this piece.

Canada PR Visa 2020

How to apply for the Permanent Residency status of Canada through the express entry model?

The federal express entry system is one of the fast track and the most popular ways to get Canada permanent resident visa. It allows skilled workers to relocate to Canada with ease by meeting the point-based system requirement. The Points Calculator for Canada PR tool is the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score calculator, which is used to access the ability of applicants. In this, the ability of the applicants is examined by age, language, education, work experience, and arranged employment.

The applicants are shortlisted through the Express entry draw the results of which are announced after every fortnight. The high scoring applicants are selected for immigration and given a chance to attain a Canada permanent residency visa.

Following are the parameters for scores through Canada PR Points Calculator under Express entry Program -

Canada Points Calculator Factors

There are three subcategories for Federal express entry system selection -

  • Federal Skilled workers program

  • Federal Skilled Traders program

  • Canadian experience Class (CEC)

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