February 8, 2020

Companies have reduced their loading costs and time by more than 50 percent. By using RAFRamps equipment called forklift ramp where you can unload containers much faster to save on time, labor and increased efficiency.

  • Forklifts enter container trailer of heights 1.4 to 1.8m
  • Reduce manual labor to load and unload containers
  • Move the ramp to any desired place
  • Can be used with diesel and electric forklifts
  • Much cheaper than grounding or crane

RAFRamps is loading and unloading consultants, advising companies to reduce loading costs and improve loading times. We helped many companies like DP World, Dry Docks, Madder etc.

Only CE Certified company in UAE to locally manufacture and provide loading/unloading solutions. Over 374 companies in the MENA region – DP World, Dry docks, US Army, Laing o Rorke, Balman Lawrie, Meydan and other companies trust us.

Recently RAFRamps was approached by companies working in AED 50 billion Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park Project to design equipment to load and unload faster from trailers and move on the sandy area. RAFRamps team did 360 analysis and understood their needs and have designed and manufactured equipment to unload/load materials faster and safely. As a result of good results in trail phase we have sold 9 loading equipments to the Solar project.

We provided consultation and services to Al Moosa Doors many other companies in KSA.

For free consultation please contact at: +971  43336278 and +971 523192920

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