Architecture Photography: Some Awesome Ideas for the Perfect Picture!

September 14, 2018

The author is a quality architecture photographer in Brisbane and regularly shares relevant facts and details about quality architectural photography in Brisbane. The author is also a freelance writer and posts blogs and articles informing interested students looking at this professional as their future career.

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Whether it’s a contemporary construction or a classic building, architecture photography is by all-means challenging and rewarding. And even though there are numerous factors which are involved in achieving the perfect shot – (some controllable while others are uncontrollable), here are some ideas that one should know right from the start.

This post puts up some of those awe-inspiring ideas to achieve the perfect architectural snap.

Let’s Begin…

  • Shoot at Different Times of the Day:

Majority of people seek for dramatic lights such as the dusk when the sky appear differently, and the shadows are long. And though it could result in wonderful atmospheric pictures- it means one is only lens-locking the architecture’s beauty at one time of the day.

Instead of this one can take inspiration from professional architecture photographers to shoot at different times of the day. Doing so will allow one to paint the perfect relationship of the building with the environment at different times of the day.

  • Always Give Utmost Importance to Proper Lighting:

Regardless of the type of photography, giving proper importance to good lighting should be treated as a priority.

With proper lighting; one can emphasise the building space, the atmosphere and its particular structure. And that assists one to understand what is crucial in that particular architecture.

  • Try and Explore as Much Details as Possible:

Most people believe the key to getting quality architectural photography in Brisbane is being able to use a wide-angle lens. And though, they are not totally wrong; it still doesn’t allow them to focus on those intricate details of the building- particularly if it is an old monument or a church.

But, by taking the extra step and getting up close and personal with those little details, might bring about some new and equally interesting shots. So, it’s alright to use a wide-range lens for taking shots, but one should check out those minuscule details to unravel new and unknown facts about its construction and antiquity.

  • Always Keep Searching for Unique and Interesting Angles:

Another lesson which one can learn from a quality architectural photographer in Brisbane is playing with perspective.

Simply put- one should never shy away from searching for new and fascinating angles to take pictures. Top-rated photographers believe that investing time to find vivid angles to shoot, can unveil those overlooked forms and abstractions -eventually giving rise to a new level of beauty.

This technique is very rewarding and is one of the surefire ways to achieve praiseworthy architectural shots.

  • Never Shy Away from Including People:

Just because one is doing architectural photography; one should not shy away from including a few people around. Many believe that architectural photography should not have people in it as it contaminates the whole essence of the picture.

But, this concept has changed, over time, and more and more quality photographers have started to buck this trend. And, for those who want to polish up their picture taking skills, this is another idea to adopt.

These are some of those unique ideas which one can use to achieve awesome looking architectural pictures. For more ideas, one can hire professional photographers and watch how they work their magic. If needed, one should not hesitate in communicating with that expert to gain real-time insights from them.

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