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Applications of Phosphates in Food Prcessing

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Phosphate is one of the natural ingredients in almost all foods and is widely used in food processing as an important food ingredient and functional additive. Phosphorus is an important mineral element necessary for human body. The main source of human intake of phosphorus is natural food or food phosphate additive. Phosphorus temporary salt is one of the natural components of almost all foods.Phosphate has been used in food processing for more than 100 years and in large quantities since the 1970s because it improves or gives foods a range of properties.At present, phosphate is one of the most widely used and large amount of food additives. As an important food ingredient and functional additive, phosphate is widely used in the processing of meat products, poultry products, seafood, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, baked products, beverages, potato products, seasonings, convenience foods, etc.

Introduction of Phosphates

Use of phosphorus in food processing usually in the form of sodium salt, calcium salt, sylvite, and as a nutritional enhancer of ferric salt and zinc salt, commonly used food grade tripolyphosphate sodium salt, there are more than 30 varieties of wine, sodium phosphate salt is the current domestic food (the main consumption of phosphorus whip salt types, with the development of food processing technology, phosphorus zhen potash consumption is rising year by year.

To make full use of various kinds of phosphate and phosphate with other additive synergistic effect, and meet the demand of the development of food processing technology, often use a variety of complex matches in the practical application of phosphorus salt as a function of food ingredients and additives, research and development of complex matches phosphate became a phosphate development direction of the development and application of food additive.

Applications of Phosphates in Meat Processing

  1. Improve the adhesion of meat products, improve the slicing performance of meat products;

  2. Improve the water-holding capacity of meat, so that meat products can still retain its natural moisture during processing and cooking, reduce the loss of meat nutrients, preserve the tenderness of meat products, and improve the yield of finished products;

  3. Control the PH of meat products to the range most suitable for protein swelling and produce the optimal color of meat products;

  4. Improve emulsifying performance and stability, and effectively prevent the separation of fat and water;

  5. Sealing metal cation, delaying the oxidation reaction in meat products processing, can effectively reduce the rate of rancidity of products, inhibit the decolorization and rancidity of meat products, and extend the shelf life of meat products;

  6. Improve the processing performance and production efficiency of meat products.

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