APOLLO 10KVA Online UPS Price in Bangladesh

October 13, 2020

Product Description


Battery Type: Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

Backup time: 15-30 minutes depending on load

External Battery: Up to 8 hours long time backup depends on the external battery

Supplementary Charger: Optional 200W/500W charger for extended back-up application

Recharge time: Yes, UPS can be started without AC source

Battery Cabinet: Internal Battery (External Battery back is optional)


Voltage Single Phase, 110Vac~ 290Vac

Frequency 50 Hz (60 Hz on request) ± 5%

Power factor > 0.98% (full load)


Voltage: 220Vac

Voltage Regulation: 220Vac ± 0.5%

Transient Response: ± 3~4% under full load, change and corrected within 2 ms

Waveform: Pure Sinewave THD<3%

Power factor: 0.7 ~ 1 (lagging)

Frequency: 50 / 60Hz, ± 0.5%

Crest Factor: 3:1

Overload: Continuous alarming, switch to bypass, auto-recovery upon removing of load

Overload Capacity: Continuous alarming, switch to bypass, auto-recovery upon removing of load, <110% load Continuous, 110-125% load 12 Minutes, 125-150% load 10 Minutes, >150% load: bypass

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