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Anger Management Training in Dubai – What to Expect?

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Anger Management Training in Dubai - What to Expect?

anger management

Whether you want to attend an anger management class on your own or you have to attend anger management in Dubai, you should know what to expect. There are different ways anger management classes help attendees to calm their minds and control their emotions.  


Joining the Class 

Initially, joining a class may feel trouble. But these classes can teach you some of the important life lessons to gain improved control over your emotions. So, it can help you get rid of anger problems. Anyone can take anger management classes to control their anger. 


A partner who goes mean to their spouse in arguments, a mother who yells at her children, or a senior who goes angry with their staff are some of the common examples of people you meet in anger management sessions.  These sessions are usually ordered by the court. A violent offender may be ordered to complete the program. It might be mandatory for a parent to attend the class.  


Anger management classes are often held in housing settings. For example, people who are suffering from traumatic brain issues may attend classes in psychiatric settings. 


Therapy or Classes 

A lot of anger management classes are a lot like informational sessions instead of group therapy. You can learn new strategies to control your aggression and emotions. Here, participants can learn a range of anger management strategies with a trained instructor. Sometimes, people also need separate therapy to attend an anger management group. 


Suppose a person who has had trauma in the past. They may benefit from a therapist who can help deal with trauma while learning specific skills in the class. You can learn anger management in a specific therapy. It can add flexibility in scheduling and provide more privacy and personal attention. 



Anger management classes use different course curriculum and most of them include strategies related to cognitive behavioral therapy. It teaches you to know the warning signs when there are high risks of anger. They can teach different relaxation techniques and behavioral changes. The strategies can vary on the basis of different groups like individuals, adolescents, and people suffering from substance abuse.  These classes are ranging from 8 to 28 sessions as per the needs of the group and type of curriculum. 

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