Analysis Of The Causes Of Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers Street Lights Flickering

May 18, 2020

LED street lights illuminate the way home for pedestrians returning late. Even tired pedestrians looking at the lights will have a warm feeling in their hearts. But if the lights of the streetlights are no longer so gentle, and instead flash like crazy in a horror movie, I believe that the warm feeling before will disappear. Today xiangruilight Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers talk about the causes and solutions of LED lighting street lights flashing:
1. The LED lamp beads do not match the LED drive power supply. The normal single foot 1W lamp beads withstand current: 280-300mA, voltage: 3.0-3.4V, if the lamp bead chip is not enough power, it will cause the light source to flicker. If the current is too high, the lamp bead will turn on and off, and a serious phenomenon will burn out the gold or copper wire built into the lamp bead, causing the lamp bead not to shine.
2. It may be that the driving power supply is broken, as long as you replace it with another good driving power supply, it will not flash.
3. If the driver has over-temperature protection function, and the heat dissipation performance of the material of the LED street lamp does not meet the requirements, the over-temperature protection of the driver will start to flash, for example: 20W floodlight housing is used to assemble 30W For lamps, the heat dissipation work will be done like this.
4. When the lamps and lanterns get into the water, the LED street lights also appear to flicker and turn off. The consequence is that the lights are not flashing. The lamp bead and the driver are broken. If the driver is waterproof, the lamp bead is broken and the light source can be replaced.
You can see that the key to the LED street lamp flickering problem is the driving power supply. Normally, you only need to replace the driving power supply to solve the problem of the street lamp flickering. If you find that the street lights of a certain section are flashing, you can notify the municipal department to let them repair them as soon as possible, so as not to frighten the children. Xiangruilight Led Flood Light Factory has introduced so much for everyone. If you want to know more related knowledge, it is a good choice to follow our official website.

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