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Ambulances that is cheaper and completely equipped with an entire medical facility!

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We're known as a trusted Ambulance from Patna. In many cities, people find the most reliable and cheapest ambulance service here. If you are looking for reliable care of Road ambulances in Patna, turn to a well-known name in India’s emergency care.


We are on the list because of our high-quality services and high-tech medical facilities which can easily transport severe patients:


  • Affordable bed-to-bed transfer options.


  • 24×7 team for online technical emergency support.


  • Special care team and specialized doctors (related to patient’s problems) with patients as well as special care for patients with intensive care units.


  • The double-sided ambulance picks up and takes the patient away to the hospital.


  • A best-equipped ambulance with BLS and ALS.


  • If you need an ambulance anywhere in India, call us.


Available medical Equipment on Ambulance


Cardiac Ambulance services in Patna provide state-of-the-art medical equipment (ALS) on the ambulance. All medical equipment and supplies are checked by the scheduled nurse and the head nurse before and after each ambulance transfer to ensure proper maintenance and inventory of all medical equipment.


The Road Ambulance Services in Patna equipment can include respirators, monitoring systems, pacemakers, defibrillators, full blood transfusion, and drug delivery equipment. The ambulance carries beta-blockers, protocol, adrenaline, and anticoagulants (blood thinners) such as heparin and many other emergency medicines for immediate care.


Thanks to the flexible equipment on board the ambulance, we can transport ventilated patients safely and in no time. All medical equipment and medicines carried on board are specially selected to meet the patient’s transport needs. In this way, we can ensure that we provide the best possible medical care to every patient.


The equipment in an ambulance is

Clean sheets, blankets, and pillows

If an infant or child needs to be transported, additional equipment for transporting the infant and Ambulance in Patna may be required.



We're a leading and specialized provider of the ambulance with all the equipment. Patients are transported from one city to another city by ambulance. You can also order our service anytime, anywhere at an affordable price. The services are available in many cities across the country.


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