Alzheimer’s Drugs Market – Major Factors Driving the Industry

May 13, 2020

The Alzheimer’s drug development pipeline is characterized by an expanding array of symptomatic treatments and potential disease-modifying therapies in the Alzheimer’s drug market. Biopharmaceutical industries and research institutions world over are relentlessly working toward meeting the vast unmet need of clinically proven disease modifying therapies, let alone curing of dementia. The developments in the Alzheimer’s drug market is albeit relatively slow, as evident in the sleek drug treatment pipeline approved by key regulatory agencies. Nonetheless, a growing number of players in the Alzheimer’s drug market are testing new agents. Particularly, these agents are in phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials in developing as well as developed nations.

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Presence of Leading Players keep Drug Pipeline Robust in North America

Several leading players have thronged North America and are constantly engaging in strategic activities to consolidate their positions in the global Alzheimer’s drug market. Their presence is one of the main motivating factors of the vast avenues present in the regional market. A favorable regulatory outlook will keep this market at the leading position for some years to come. The North America Alzheimer’s drug market is expected to touch a whopping worth of US$3 bn by 2025-end.

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Europe is also a prominent region in the Alzheimer’s drug market. Relentless efforts to reduce the prevalence of dementia is fuel drug pipeline, especially in the U.K., Germany, Canada, and the U.S. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific is expected to expand at the most attractive growth rate year-over-year in the global Alzheimer’s drug market.

Top players in the global Alzheimer’s drug market include Allergan plc and Novartis AG. Other leading companies include Johnson and Johnson, Ono Pharmaceutical Co Ltd., Merz Holding GmBH & Co KG, Daiichi Sankyo Company Ltd, and Eisai Co Ltd.

The global Alzheimer’s drugs market stood at US$3.6 bn in 2017 and is expected to reach worth of US$6.4 bn by 2025-end. The market is expected to clock a CAGR of 7.5% during 2017 – 2025.

Therapies Focus on Reducing Prevalence in Preclinical and Prodromal Populations

Apart from disease-modifying therapies in the Alzheimer’s drugs market, symptomatic cognitive enhancers and a range of symptomatic agents are attracting attention of players. Most prominently, the first objective is to reduce the delay the onset of the disease by at least one year. This will likely reduce patient populations by 9.2 million by 2050-end. Growing numbers of cognitive-enhancing agents have expanded the outlook of the Alzheimer’s (AD) drugs market.

Growing numbers of clinical trials focusing on preclinical and prodromal populations are boosting the Alzheimer’s drugs market. A vast majority of these is suffering from preclinical AD and their numbers are likely to rise by 2050. Rising incidence of the Alzheimer’s drug market in industrialized and non-industrialized populations is stimulating developments in the market.


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