All You Need To Know About The Fire Protection For Your Home

November 13, 2020

As we know, it is essential to have fire alarms in your house. It is crucial to have a quickly accessible method to stop a fire in case of an accident. Installation of the items for prevention from fire is a must for every household as well as commercial space. Read on to know more about the installation and prevention measures taken by professionals on installing the setup in any space. 


Installation of fire protection requires qualified plumbers as they have to deal with the installation of fire hose reels. Only a fully qualified plumber should install one of these. Hose reels are used for class A type of fire. It does not have to be necessarily the only method used in fire fighting but has been found very effective and thus widely used. To counteract potential types of other fires and the risks, one must have some equipment.

The following things are considered while installing the fire fighting setup.

  • A licensed, well-qualified plumber is the first requirement for the setup. 
  • Hose reel installation should go according to the building rules of the state. Ensure the installation sticks to the rule laid down by the state you are living in. 
  • Around the hose drum, 100m clearance should be given at all points. 
  • The height of the valve should be between 900mm & 1100mm from the floor.
  • There should be an interlock for the nozzle in the valve setup. 
  • Center should be almost 2400mm from the floor. 
  • Flow rate of the water should be at least 19.8 liters per minute for a 19mm hose and 24.6 liters per minute for a 25mm hose. 
  • The wall to which this fixing is mounted should be suited for the setup as there are chances that the weight of the unit sometimes makes the wall crack. 
  • Most damage on a hose reel happens to the standpipe. 
  • Ensure that this setup is fitted somewhere with low traffic so that it is not misused by any. 
  • For large areas like warehouses, to get unobstructed access to the hose reels, they are arranged in a stack. Guard rails are also installed around the hose reels to maintain distance between one another. 
  • They should be installed in such a place that it is not an obstruction for regular passage.
  • For buildings above 15m in height, the installation of a fire hose reel is a must. 
  • The setup should be tested first before charging with water to a particular pressure, and inspection should be carried out during this duration to check for leakages that take place in the joints.
  • Periodic inspections should be done to ensure that the hydrant indicator and accessibility are intact. 
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