September 18, 2020

You have heard of the multiple benefits of yoga. Perhaps you have experienced some of them; attended several classes and left feeling simultaneously relaxed and strong, calm yet invigorated. Have you ever wondered why that was?
What exactly is the distinction between the practice of yoga versus stretching or fitness, for instance?
What about the mantras, the mudras, traditions and philosophical concepts yoga teachers sometimes mention or briefly refer to in class? What is that all about and where does it originate from?
Regardless of where you may be in your yoga journey -newbie or aspiring teacher- if those questions are sparking your curiosity, it may be time for you to sign up for a yoga teacher training.

Finding your voice
Whether online or onsite, yoga teacher training is a transformative experience. It will not only enable you to deepen your yoga practice, but it will also help you find the teacher present within you.
Throughout those immersive 200 hours, you will find your voice and gain the skills necessary to share your knowledge with others in a way that feels true.

Benefits of online learning and teaching
Covid-19 has forced us to shift online. While this seemed impossible to a great majority only a few months ago, we have proven to be highly adaptable. In spite of the many restrictions we are currently dealing with, we may be finally using the internet to its full potential in order to continue working, spreading knowledge, and educating ourselves. Faced with no other choice, we embraced our problem and found solutions that -to some extent- are surprisingly acting in our favour.

1. Bring it into your home and save in more than one way
Does it never seem to be the “right” moment to attend the teacher training course of your dreams?
In addition, in this period of great uncertainty; with professional and personal plans put on pause, social distancing, and all the precautions or concerns that come along with all of that – when will the moment ever feel right?
It is undeniable that virtual sessions won’t ever replace the level of depth experienced in real human interactions and onsite teacher training courses.

2. Study at your own pace
Self-study and self-awareness are essential ingredients for the development of a yoga practitioner and teacher.
With a DIY approach to learning merged to personalized assistance and constant feedback, an online teacher training course will beautifully complement your yogic path, enabling you to follow classes and absorb information at your own pace.
In addition to the live classes, a wide variety of study materials will be made available to the trainees such as articles, e-manuals, video and audio recordings, tutorials along with meditation techniques.
If you are eager to grow, you will certainly benefit from optimal learning and complete your online training with the same degree of precision you would’ve gotten from an onsite course.

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