Fighting For The Custody Of Your Child In Child Custody Dispute

March 29, 2021

Child custody is one of the many issues that most separated couples face during
the breakup or separation process. Each troubled parent usually fights for the
child's full custody, while some are fighting for child shared custody. Whatever
type of custody you want to have for your children, make sure you have already
formulated your own strategies and plans before facing the court.
Bear in mind that your former partner might be fighting for full custody. Now
you do not like to have an unfavorable decision by the court in your case, right?
That is why it is quite essential for you, as a parent, to know your own rights
and be well-informed about this matter when facing the court.
Take note that there are circumstances where the court might give full custody
of the child to the other party because of several reasons. You should know
what these reasons are to draw out your own strategies on how to deal with
them when they are used against you during the legal proceedings.
There are several factors where full custody is given to one parent, some of
these factors may include the following:
● One parent is not financially capable of supporting the child
● Behavioral problems like abusive parent, etc.;
● Unhealthy lifestyle such as heavy smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.;
● Mental health problems like chronic depression, etc.;
There are still many other factors, and each State may differ because each State
has different laws and policies regarding this issue. It is equally important to
understand your State's policies on child custody and consult an accomplished
child custody attorney.
In any way, the most vital thing is that you are well informed about this issue
before going to court battles regarding the best custody for your child. The most
ideal would be child shared custody because this gives both parents fair chances

to be with their loved ones, and children also need love and affection from both
If you'd like an experienced custody lawyer who truly understands the burden,
challenges, & what it demands to fight for your rights & privileges in child
custody disputes. Look no further than the office of Mr. Eric Nakasu, the
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