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February 10, 2020

Air Conditioned Server Rack Solutions for NextGeneration Data Center.Heat and noise from servers continuously affect the machine as well the environment. It creates a nuisance to those who work in the close proximity of the server rooms. The heat radiated affects the health of the employees when they are exposed for a longer duration. Air conditioned server racks ensure to minimize heat dissipation and maintain good working condition for servers and also ensures the welfare of the employees’ health.Air conditioned server racks are carefully designed and configured as self-contained with minimal cold air losses and thermal short circuit.

These racks have Intelligent Rack Access for Physical security.

When the temperature soars high Precision Cooling unit functions effectively to cool down the heat.

In case of power failures, UPS & Battery Bank are the major support system.

To effectively manage the power, Intelligent PDUs are included.

When there are multiple servers to be connected, KVM & Console help for server management.

They have been provided with STS for power redundancy.

Air conditioned server racks have Alert/alarm in the event of Temp High or low to indicate the situation to data center managers.

They can be a combination of 3 to 5 racks and are easily expandable.

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