Africa Lead Acid Battery Market – Industry Outlook, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2021

May 15, 2020

Transparency Market Research observes that the vendor landscape for Africa lead acid battery is foreseen to be moderately competitive and is expected to be led by a handful of market players.

Exide Technologies, DIXON Batteries, First National Battery Ltd., EnerSys, and Johnson Controls Inc. are some of the noted market players that are dominating Africa lead acid battery market.

Expansion of usage of lead acid battery to brand new application areas with promise of high growth and introduction of better, effective batteries at reasonable prices could be the key to success in the Africa lead acid battery market.

Africa lead acid battery market is expected to expand at a healthy 5.3% CAGR from 2015 to 2021. Global Africa lead acid battery market is estimated to be more than US$1.0 bn by 2021.

Low Cost Price to Generate Market Demand

There has been an improvement in the African economy; as such, the purchasing power of people has been enhanced. In addition to that, automobile segment has witnessed massive growth in the recent times as well. The demand for passenger vehicles has increased substantially and it is set to rise further in the years to come. There has been an increase in the production of vehicles following rising demand for automobiles. As such, manufacturing of lead acid battery has increased thereby stimulating growth of Africa lead acid batter market. The usage of lead acid batteries in airplanes, buses, cars, trains, and trucks is supporting its growth in Africa.

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The absence of collection and recycling systems can lead to environmental pollution. As such, the governments of numerous countries including African nations have issued stringent regulations and norms pertaining to lead acid batteries. Such regulations have been set up for restricting lead emission in lead acid battery thereby hampering the growth of lead acid batteries in Africa, and stimulating demand for other batteries that are environment friendly.

Low price is the competitive advantage that lead acid battery come with when compared to other substitutes. A large number of customers in Africa therefore, prefer lead acid battery. In Africa, lithium-ion batteries are competing strongly with the lead acid battery market as there are some positive traits belonging to the former. However, the Africa lead acid battery market is estimated to be driven by the low cost of the battery which is much lower than lithium-ion batteries. Most of the nations in Africa are either developing or under-developed. Therefore, the opportunity for affordable lead acid batteries in different application segments is of much importance in those countries.

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