Affiliate Action Waltz – Quickly Overcoming Procrastination to Start Your Online Business

May 29, 2020

Take, for instance, the way a salesperson Stay Home Profits Reviewsets up the appointment time to test drive the car. It is a human oddity but when an appointment is set up for on the hour, say 3:00pm, people see this as an approximate time and it is considered 3 ish, and 3:15pm becomes close enough. But when your salesperson said to come in at 2:45pm this left no doubt that the time was important.

When 2:45pm came around the salesperson made sure they were free and could focus on your needs. The other dealer told you 3pm, and when you arrived they were tied up while you stood around. “They said 3pm and here we are only 10 minutes late and they’ve booked themselves another customer.”

Does your small business web site keep your market waiting? Does your web site provide enough information, and is that information easily found? When a web site has a “Buy Now” button with little or no information on a $75 purchase then the web site is not being a good salesperson. And if the item was priced at $200 then that button never gets pushed.


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