AdWords New Responsive Search Ads can Now Display 3 Headlines

December 3, 2020

Google has released its latest responsive ad format which is, at present, in beta version, i.e., not accessible to every advertiser will now display 3 headlines. With the expert of SEO Company Noida, have a look how Adwords New Responsive Search Ads look now.

It permits Google to actively test distinct combinations of Headlines and Descriptions and optimize ad delivery on the basis of the top-performing combinations.

Such ads will apply in the similar places as well as will seem like Expanded Text Ads, so, Responsive Text Ads will-

  • Display up to three headlines rather than two.
  • Display up to two 90-character descriptions rather than single 80-character description.

Make a Responsive Search Ad

  • From the page menu on the left, tap on Ads & extensions.
  • Click the plus button and choose Responsive search ad.
  • Input the final URL and show path text. As you type, a preview of your ad will come into view to the right.
  • Input your headline alternatives. You’ll have to enter a least of 3 alternatives, but you can input up to 15.
  • Input your description alternatives.. You’ll have to enter a least of 2 options, but you can input up to 4.
  • Click Save.

Rewrtie a Responsive Search Ad

  • From the page menu on the left, click Ads & extensions.
  • Click in the bar on top of the table of results to include a filter.
  • In the drop-down menu that comes into view, click Attributes, then Ad type.
  • Check the box next to “Responsive search ad.”
  • In the table of results, hang around the ad you want to edit and after that, click the edit icon.
  • Select Edit.
  • Do your preferred changes to the ad’s URL, final URL, descriptions, headlines,or URL options.
  • Click Save.

Pin Headlines and Descriptions Combinations

Advertisers will simple post 15 uncommon headlines and up to 4 different descriptions in a responsive search ad.

You can in addition attempt to create the headlines separate from each other, highlighting distinct benefits, features, offers, calls to action and so on.

You can control where separate headlines and descriptions seem with the alternative ‘pin’ headlines & descriptions to particular positions.

How Can You Pin Your Ads?

Below provided are the steps for pinning your ads. Such as-

  • Create or edit a responsive search ad.
  • To the any headline’s or description’s right, you want to pin, click the pin icon, then select the position you’d want to pin that headline or description as well.
  • Click Save.

You can spot reporting metrics on responsive search ads, make a filter for them in the ad type column then download the report or open it in Report Editor.

In Conclusion

  • Amid the beta, responsive search ads can just be included to ad groups with current text ads.
  • A few ads may not show.
  • Your ad may display up to 3 headlines and 2 descriptions.
  • Your headlines and descriptions shouldn’t breach AdWords policies or your local laws.


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