AdSansar Marketing tips

Welcome adsansar community member,
AdSansar is a free marketing platform for our community members. You can give any advertisement on this platform. Either you are a service provider or a service seeker, Either you are selling something or buying something, this platform will help you a lot to get your need. Here are some ways you can user platform effectively, efficiently and in a more powerful manner to get more positive results.
1. Instead of posting same advertisement again and again, just edit one character of you post and re-post it. Your edited post will come on top again.
2. Use searching key words in title. Do not use phone number in title as no body will search by a phone number.
3. Share your post to different social media platform, so that visibility of your ad will increase multi-fold.
4. Ask you friends, colleagues and relatives to comment on your post.
5. Tell your friends about this wonderful free ad posting website. 6. Like facebook page of your website and invite your all friends to like adsansar page
Hoping for the best,
Your’s truly
Dr. Tarun Kothari
Founder & CEO