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AdSansar Marketing Tips is a very good website for those who want to give advertisement of their product or services. It also gives you an option to fill category of your product or service. It is a global free classified advertisement site. This website will give you good opportunity to market your product or services free.

Most of the persons actually don't know how to use as best marketing tools. Here are some tips, which if you will use, you will get better result within a short period of time.

1. Share Your Post link to social media-

You should share your post link to yourFriend, Colleague, Relative or An User. Sharing your post link to social media like Facebook, Youtube, What's app, Twitter,,, Wechat, Weibow, Telegram, VKontakte, Badoo, Bebo, LinkedIn, Orkut, MySpace, Instagram etc will lead to high level of your content reading and high sell of your product or services within short period of time. Sharing a post will also increase search engine visibility of your post. You will get an early and best response to your post, article or advertisement.

2. Don't Post Same Post Again-

If you post same post again and again, this will not give you any added advantage. Because most of the search engine gives result on the basis of content. But if they found multiple same content, then they block the content. Search engine like google, yahoo, bing and others may sometime block your post, content and this may give a 404 error, page not found. So better way is post once and post unique content and then share your post link to all social media.

3. Use Tag Word / Key Word-

You should try to include as much key word you can include in your post. Key words or tag word are very important, because search engines give a priority to a specific key word or tag.

4. Make an Excerpt or summary-

Always use this feature in your post. Summary will be generally appear on home page and on front side of your ad. Summary or excerpt should be as precise as you can do it and should also include all the basic information of your post.

5. Post a Unique Content-

When you are marketing any product or service, Content is the key factor. You should try to make a unique and real content. If you are posting a unique content, then search engine will be forced to show your content in their result page.

6. Encourage Comment-

You should encourage yourFriend, Colleague, Relative or An User to make comment on your article because this will increase search engine visibility. More and more Commenting will also let you know you about views of your readers. This way you can also improve your post. Commenting, Editing and Republishing will increase your visibility.

7. Choose Category-

You should publish your post in specified category. Categorized posts are given more weight over uncategorized post in adsansar search engine. Even established search engine will favor categorized post over uncategorized post. So to get better search result publish your posts in some category.

8. Avoid spam/ sexual or hate content-
Adsansar has a policy to avoid spam or sexually explicit or hate content. So better to avoid these type of content.

9. Do not change title of post-

If you edit your post and republish your post, then do not change title or heading of the post. Changing the title will sometime show a 404 error.

10. Write a small article-

People usually do not have time to read a long article. Better to write a short and meaningful article. People can understand a short article better.



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