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October 8, 2020


Everything has become digitalized, and as people are moving forward to digitalization, the online world is also becoming more unsecured. Cybercrimes have increased, people’s identity is becoming vulnerable, the need for a good cybersecurity software has increased. Acronis Cyber Cloud protection is the only proven integrated, efficient and reliable program which has provide secured cybersecurity to all data, apps and systems.

Security Features of Acronis Cyber Cloud Protection

Acronis comes with top-notch security features that will keep your valuable data safe and sound. Below are the features that Acronis Cyber Cloud protection Solution provides which is necessary for any business and personal:

  • It creates backups of your data, applications and systems storing them in such a way that it will available whenever you want to recover it.
  • It enables accessibility of your data, application and system wherever you go and whenever you want. You access that in your mobile and the cybersecurity ensures that access always stays secured and protected.
  • Using Enterprise-grade encryption it provides full privacy to your data which means that it limits who can view and use your data.
  • Using Blockchain notarization it offers indisputable proof and authenticity to your file that can’t be tampered with.
  • It provides security to your valuable data and identity against today’s cybercrimes using Acronis ransomware protection.

Why should you choose Acronis Cyber Cloud Protection Solution?

  • It is cost-effective and with no hidden cost, it offers a transparent licensing model.
  • The integrated AI-based anti-malware defence, encryption and storage prevent your data from corrupted and encryption viruses.
  • With its millions of users base, it has battled and prevented users from getting infected by any viruses for 15+ years now.
  • With its intuitive and friendly interface, it delivers smooth, efficient user experience so that you can manage your protection properly

Acronis local and Cloud Backup provide an easy, efficient, secure and reliable solution that ensures full safety to your data, application and system.

How does Acronis Cyber Cloud Provide? By using:

  • Acronis Cyber Backup
  • Acronis File Sync and Share
  • Acronis Cyber Protect
  • Acronis Notary
  • Acronis Deployment
  • Acronis Disaster Recovery
  • Acronis Cyber Cloud
  • Acronis Active Protection
  • Acronis Monitoring
  • Acronis Cloud Storage

With its excellent hardware and software support, it is certainly one of the best cybersecurity solutions in the market today.

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