Accounting for the film industry

September 9, 2019

ccounting for the film industry is bit different from regular accounting

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The finance management in film and television industry has always played a major part in any production house’s growth. As we all know production accountants calculate finances, work out the cost of a production, communicate with financiers (companies or individuals who provide the funding) and control the cash flow, or spending thus accounting for film producers is not only important but also critical for any production house’s success. Accounting for the film industry is bit different from regular accounting work because it requires a level head, self-confidence and strong communication skills.


While doing accounting for film producers we involve ourselves from very first step of film making which is known as Pre-production work. Our expert accountants help the producers and production managers to prepare financial plans, budgets and estimated final cost reports. Our role becomes very critical during production because we oversee all payments, manage payroll, petty cash and foreign currency and keep accurate financial records. As well all know transparency and full proof planning is the key of any firm’s success hence our accounting for film producers services help you to monitor budgets, analyze spending and provide daily or weekly cost reports. Film production is very creative filed and during production, there are stages where you need some extra arrangements and that cost you some extra money. By keeping this nitty-gritty in mind, we also produce cost forecasts to evaluate the impact of any production changes.

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