ABB SA811F 3BDH000013R1 | Quality Tested

November 10, 2020

ABB SA811F 3BDH000013R1


General Specification

Country of originSWEDEN
ServiceTop Quality & 24/7Service
Standard lead time ex-worksIn stock
Worldwide shippingDHL, UPS, Fedex, and TNT


ABB’s Family


ABBAC800M series controller I/O module
ABBAC800F series controller module
ABBAC31 series controller module
ABBDCS 800xA series modules
ABBS800 I/O modules
ABBS900 I/O modules
ABBBailey INFI90 module
ABBDSQC robot module spare parts
ABBAdvant OCS system spare parts
ABBH&B Freelance 2000


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