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November 10, 2020



General Specification

Country of originSWEDEN
ServiceTop Quality & 24/7Service
Standard lead time ex-worksIn stock
Worldwide shippingDHL, UPS, Fedex, and TNT


ABB’s Family


ABBAC800M series controller I/O module
ABBAC800F series controller module
ABBAC31 series controller module
ABBDCS 800xA series modules
ABBS800 I/O modules
ABBS900 I/O modules
ABBBailey INFI90 module
ABBDSQC robot module spare parts
ABBAdvant OCS system spare parts
ABBH&B Freelance 2000


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Allen Bradley1771-OBDCRockwell1788-DNBOAllen Bradley 2711-KC1X SER. C REV I FRN 5.02.00 (w/ KEY)
Allen Bradley1794-TB3TRockwell1746-NI16IAllen Bradley 2711P-B15C15D2 SER. A UNMP
Allen Bradley1771-IBDBRockwell1326AB-B515E-S2K5LAllen Bradley 2711P-K12C4D1 SER.G PANEL VIEW PLUS MODULE
Allen Bradley1785-L40BERockwellMPL-B330P-SJ24AAAllen Bradley 2711P-T10C6A6 SER. A (BR/WH) NSMP
Allen Bradley1732D16CFGM12MNRockwell22C-D030N103Allen Bradley 2711P-T12C4D8 SER. A NSMP
Allen Bradley1756-L63XTRockwell0-60063-2Allen Bradley 2711P-T15C4B2 SER. A PANELVIEW (REMANUFACTURED)
Allen Bradley1771-IXERockwell2094-AM01Allen Bradley 2711-T10G20 SER. C REV. C FRN 4.43
Allen Bradley1785-L80C PLC-580CRockwell2094-PRS4Allen Bradley 2711-T10G8X SER. E F/W 4.48 (REMANUFACTURED)
Allen Bradley1785-L40CDRockwellMPL-A310F-HK22AAAllen Bradley 2711-TC1X SERIES C OPERATOR INTERFACE
Allen Bradley1786-RPARockwellRELIANCE 848.11.73Allen Bradley 2711-TC4 SER.F INTERFACE (NO KEY) (REMANUFACTURED)
Allen BradleyMPL-B540K-MK72AARockwell1336-BDB-SP4DAllen Bradley 2711-TC4X SER.F W/ KEY INTERFACE (REMANUFACTURED)
Allen Bradley1321-3RB250-BRockwell1336-BDB-SP17CAllen Bradley 2750-AHPR1 INTELLIGENT ANTENNA (AS PICTURED)
Allen BradleyMPL-B680H-MJ72AARockwellRELIANCE 848.11.73Allen Bradley 500FL-FOB92 SER. L 480V (BR/WH) NSMP
Allen Bradley2094-SE02F-M00-S0Rockwell1769-OF4CIAllen Bradley 509-FOS SER. L NSNP
Allen Bradley22C-D060A103Rockwell80025-523-10-RAllen Bradley 520F-EOA SER. B STARTER
Allen Bradley1785-L20C/DRockwell80190-100-01-RAllen Bradley 6180CS-NV2 SER. B NSNP
Allen Bradley1769-L30ERRockwell81003-438-51-RAllen Bradley 6180P-15KPXPX SER. E UNMP
Allen Bradley1764-LRPRockwell80026-044-06-RAllen Bradley 801-FSC14 SER. A (BR/WH) NSMP
Allen Bradley1764-24BWARockwellMPL-B540K-SK72AAAllen Bradley 8520-S5 RA08020097 SER. C REMAN
Allen Bradley1769-L23E-QBFC1BRockwellTLY-A2540P-HK62AAAllen Bradley 8520-SER10-2Q-4Q SER. A REMAN
Allen Bradley1756-L82ERockwell2711P-RC4Allen Bradley 8520-SER5-2Q-4Q SER. A REMAN
Rockwell1768-PA3Rockwell1769-PB4Allen Bradley DRIVE 20DD3P4A3EYNANCNL SER. A
Rockwell1783-ETAP2FRockwell1769-OB16Allen Bradley F-4050-Q-H00AA SER. A NSNP
Rockwell20D-DL2-CKE1Rockwell1769-IQ16Allen Bradley MPL-B330P-MJ24AA SER. A SERVO MOTOR 5000RPM
Rockwell1769-L24ER-QB1BRockwell1769-ADNAllen Bradley MPL-B580F-MJ72AA SER. A NSMP
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