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November 16, 2020


I can help you find whatever you want! Price from excellent!


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Contact Tiffany Guan


Skype : dddemi33

QQ :2851195473

Mb(Whatsapp):+86 18030235313

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Our advantages:


Distribution of various brands and specifications of a total of more than 300,000 kinds, and to business mode of operation, to reduce intermediate links for customers in the first time procurement to provide ‘safe and efficient’ logistics supply system.


We focus on providing customers with cost-effective industrial automation components to help customers improve return on investment, and we in the industrial control and electrical automation spare parts sales have a strong competitive position.



Our advantages


1) TRICONEX(3008,3625,3805E.3721,3700A 4351B…)

2) BENTLY NEVADA(3500/42M ,3500/22M,3500/95.3500/05…)

3) HIMA(F3330,F3236 ,F6217,F7126,F8621A….)

4) FOXBORO(FBM203,FBM204,FBM217,FMB231…)

5) Allan-Bradley (1756,1785,1771,1746,1769..)

6) ABB (DSQC …..)

7) GE(IC693,IC697,IC695,IS200,DS200)

8) BACHMANN(CM202,DI232,MPC240,NT255,AIO288…)

9) ICS (T8403,T8431…)



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