A unique chess adventure card game

September 7, 2019

Getting bored of your everyday routine? Play Eternal Kings! A diverse combos card game which includes a chess variant game and a chess adventure board game that energises and uplifts your mood and also your overall IQ. Will you be the next eternal king? Buy Eternal Kings Game today and challenge your mind to a whole new experience. Buy Eternal Kings Game Online and unveil the new strategies of chess. The Eternal Kings survival Expansion Pack is an add on you can buy along with the Eternal Kings full Mercenaries Expansion Pack.


Buy Eternal Kings Add on Packs for additional pawns, rooks, knights, bishops and ability cards. Eternal kings rules are available in every game pack and also on the official website. Eternal kings card game is a truly unique game loved by people all over the world. The Eternal kings Chess Game is a truly challenging experience. If you want to buy a Board Game online, put yourself to the test with eternal kings board game.

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Eternal Kings provides the adventure of Magic the Gathering with the strategy of chess. Using a deck of cards and your mind, this is an amazing game that adds a new dimension.

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