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February 19, 2021

With patient rehab programs there are two types of physiotherapy programs -one is inpatient therapy where the patient undergoes physiotherapy programs at the facility whether be it a hospital or a nursing home.

And the second one that we will be discussing here is outpatient therapy that means patients undergoing physiotherapy programs after being discharged from the hospital by going to a physiotherapy center in Singapore.

There are many types of outpatient physiotherapy that we will be discussing here. So let’s jump right into them-

Running and walking analysis

This is a specialized type of physiotherapy where the physiotherapy experts assess whether the patient can walk or run normally and identify any compensations that might be present. It is done to assess the cause of injuries and pain that the patient might present with while walking or running.

Use of dry needling technique

Patients might need to undergo dry needling which is a procedure whereby a fine needle is inserted into the tight spots in muscles known as trigger points. The dry needle inserted relaxes the tense muscle and provides relief to the patient from tissue and muscle sprain.

Now there can be various types of pain that can be treated using the dry needling technique such as musculoskeletal pain, back pain, neck pain, sprains and strains to tissues and muscles, frozen shoulder, and arthritis.

Post-operative rehab programs

This is the basic type of physiotherapy treatment and there are various parts or types to it as is being discussed below. The patient will need various types of physiotherapy treatment even after they have been discharged from a hospital.

Post-operation the patient might suffer from various types of pain and post-operative rehab techniques is the right way to avoid that. These include- ligament reconstructions, tendon repairs, fracture setting, joint replacements, and much more.

Neural rehabilitation

People who have undergone a major neural surgery will need neuro rehabilitation. This can also be the best form of treatment for those suffering from various neurological disorders.

Mobilization therapy

Mobilization therapy involves moving certain joints of the body to ensure that the range of that joint is maintained. The mobilization therapy is done to ensure that patients do not experience stiffness, loss of function and pain in that joint.

Physio Asia provides various types of electrotherapy techniques including ultrasound therapy, short wave diathermy, laser treatments, functional electrical stimulation.

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