January 27, 2021

Rajasthan isn’t only about the desert, but it is also a country of mountains, lakes, colours, customs, culture, and history. It houses numerous temples, palaces, and various historical monuments with magnificent buildings and glorious stories.


How to get there

By Air-

Rajasthan has a global airport in Jaipur that connects to countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. It also has national airports in several different cities that connect all the significant cities of the nation.

From Road-

The well-constructed streets and its own National Highways give a smooth ride that offers connectivity to all of the nation’s significant cities.

You can avail the bus centre supplied by the Rajasthan government or travel in your vehicle or lease a car is also not a terrible alternative. You can employ a Taxi service at Jaipur, taxi service at Udaipur, Taxi service in Jaisalmer and cab service in Jodhpur.

By Train-

The railroad network is nicely spread throughout the state. Its towns like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Kota are extremely well-connected through the nation’s breadth and length.

The way to travelling intra-city?

You’ll come across different options of transport, such as auto-rickshaws and cab services(sharing in addition to private ), cycle rickshaws, subway, buses, Bike Rental Service as well as tongas in certain towns. These days, prepaid taxis will also be introduced in the significant airports of Rajasthan.

What’s the best time to see?

Rajasthan is among the nation’s latest countries so intending to see it in the summertime is flawed.

How to strategy?

There are many travel brokers and tour packages that help tourists get the most from their excursion. It is possible to seek any travel agent’s services to look after your itinerary, lodging and transport and reserve the packages they give in their stage. You might even hire cars on lease, such as Car leasing in Jaipur, Car Rental in Jodhpur, and Automobile Rental in Udaipur in most over Rajasthan to get self-evident should you would like to ride by yourself. “JCR” provides reasonable offers in this aspect.

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