A Football Match Analysis by Brian Parcells

February 17, 2021

If you enjoy football then you may well have thought about coaching or maybe even doing some football handicapping. If so, then this book will certainly prove useful. This is a quick guide to football analysis. In it, Will Rimmer sets out to explain what football is and what it means to the fans, the players and the coaches. He looks into the mental, physical and social challenges that the game brings to players and analyzes the results of those challenges. The main objective of the book is to provide a clear understanding of the game by aiding people to make decisions about team selection and players.

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In this first chapter, Will Rimmer sets out to explain what football is and the different types of football that we all know. He looks at the differences between Association football, European football, and North American football. Then he looks at the many criteria for picking teams and the importance of each one in the game. Within the next chapters he reviews the criteria and the importance each one has. Finally he provides some examples of the many criteria and their relevance to the analysis of a football match.

In the second chapter, Will Rimmer goes into the psychology of football analysis. He starts with an explanation of what happens in a football match. Then he looks at why football analysis is important and the different considerations that need to be made. After that he goes into how he uses data and espn soccer ratings to work out a betting strategy.

As part of the third chapter, Will Rimmer goes into how many criteria should be considered in a football match. He starts by reviewing all the usual categories that are used in football analysis. Then he gives a short description of each category and what its definition is. Finally he gives an overview of all the criteria and their relation to the final result. After this he goes into how he applies the results of each category to form a betting strategy.

The fourth chapter looks at how parcells turned football analysis into a science. Will show how he created a football model by using data and a parcell function. After that he goes into how he applies this knowledge to form a betting strategy. It ends with an explanation of why parcells made the use of a parcel function in his football match statistics. After this he gives an example of how this works.

This is a very interesting and engaging book. I always learn something new from sports books. Football is a very complicated sport, as are many things related to it. Will Parcells has managed to combine this complication with a clear and concise style of writing. I am looking forward to learning more from him in future books.

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