9 unique Themed Parks of SPA Eco City Luxury Villa Plots Off Sarjapur Road Bangalore

September 22, 2020

With many one of a kind features, SPA groups have brought to you a venture that engages with nature, entices all age groups, and is the epitome of luxury. Widespread in the 40 acres land, SPA Eco City is beyond compare, an absolute perfection. This project comprises some of the most stunning luxury villa plots off Sarjapur road. A true masterpiece amid serene mother nature. This project is an amalgamation of luxurious amenities, unique features, dynamic services, and an eco-friendly community. Among these, we have brought to you 9 one of a kind themed parks of these luxury villa plots off Sarjapur Road Bangalore:


The plots are pretty large plots at Sarjapur road. They are not only spacious but are surrounded by breathtaking trees and plants. This mesmerizing and state of art project 40 + acres of land. This project includes amenities like work from home workstation, bus terminal, library, gym, salon, 5-star spa and resorts, medical facility, sports ground, indoor and outdoor sports facility, rainwater harvesting and much more.


One of the most unique and undoubtedly exceptional features of this project is the 9 themed parks. The SPA Eco-city has 9 amazing theme parks that have been designed and created to cater to the needs of all age groups. And not to forget a park for the man’s best bud, your pets. They have finely blended nature into these themed parks.




  1. The park ‘My Playground’ is a beautiful place to be connected with your kids and with nature. Surrounded by trees, this playground is built specifically so that parents and their kids’ can indulge in outdoor sports like football, basketball, cricket, and more.


  1. The Mowgli World is another beautiful creation for small kinds to let the wild inside them free. Staked with fun swings and slides, it is completely dedicated to kids below 12years.


  1. Rejuvenate in the wilderness while you take a stroll in Nature’s Trail. Nature’s Trail is a park that takes you through the scenic beauty of nature.
  2. Let the beautiful breeze be a part of your celebration as you come together and celebrate nature and festivals.
  3. From farm to table vegetables are no more just a dream of modern times. It coexists with you in SPA Eco city luxury Villa plots Off Sarjapur road. Through ‘Fresh and Organic’ you get a chance to grow what you eat. Experience a completely organic way of living!


  1. The ‘Conservation Triangle’ is a park dedicated to your pets. Connect with nature and let your pet be a little wild while they go gaga on this stunning park dedicated completely to them.
  2. Hear more than just car horns and traffic, listen to the melody of nature at the ‘Urban Forest’. The ‘Urban Forest’ is all about the chipping birds, luscious greenery, and breath


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