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January 22, 2021

Top 5 Benefits of Yoga Alliance Certification

So, you have finally decided to become a Registered Yoga Teacher? The next step would be to find a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school. However, you might be a bit skeptical as to what makes the Yoga Alliance certification so special. For starters, earning a Yoga Alliance certification makes it clear you have completed the yoga teacher training as per the standards set by this organization.

Moreover, any yoga studio looking to hire a yoga teacher would prefer you as Yoga Alliance certification also ensures them the risk of serious injuries during yoga practice is minimal with you. However, there is a lot more a Yoga Alliance certification provides when it comes to helping you have a bright future as a yoga teacher.

5 Benefits of Yoga Alliance Certification

Given below are the top 5 benefits of earning a Yoga Alliance certification.

1. Access to Online Resources

Every Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) has access to the member website of Yoga Alliance which provides them with news on upcoming yoga events, as well as business and financial resources. What it does is provide you the perfect way to keep in touch with other Yoga Alliance certified teachers and exchange information and ideas about improving your yoga practice.

2. Free Education

The Yoga Alliance certification opens up doorways to update your yoga education through the latest articles, videos, and numerous online yoga workshops available from Yoga Alliance. You also get information on any new yoga teaching methodology, yoga philosophy, and much more. It provides you with an opportunity to sign up for member newsletters and remain updated about important yoga events.

3. Yoga Alliance Directory Listing

Earning the certification also allows you to create a Yoga Alliance member profile in their online directory of RYT’s. Here you can publish your credentials and share them with potential employers and students interested in learning yoga from you.

In short, it provides you the perfect platform to market your qualifications and gain visibility when it comes to looking to work as a full-time yoga teacher.

4. Discount on Yoga Product and Services

Earning the Yoga Alliance certification helps you receive massive support from the yoga community. You become eligible for liability insurance, yoga equipment, and Ayurvedic supplements. In other words, it offers you the best support to move ahead on this spiritual path without any hindrance.

5. Access to Yoga Community

Needless to say, Yoga Alliance has a vast network of both yoga practitioners and gurus. A Yoga Alliance certificate helps you become part of an ever-growing community. Here, you can also find any yoga member events or workshops to update your yoga education.


Yoga provides you with some impressive mental and physical health benefits, not to forget also helps you unlocking your true potential. Earning the Yoga Alliance certification opens up the doorway to endless opportunities to not just advance in your career but also be a part of a global phenomenon.

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