6 Important Mobile App Metrics That Can Help Applications To Grow

May 13, 2020

Every year thousands and thousands of mobile applications are developed worldwide. Among those, the majority of the applications are not successful and also fail to attract users in the launching stage itself. Also, few of the well-featured mobile applications face protection issues on its running stage.

Here are 6 important app metrics for both Android and iOS which will help to grow your app.

1. Uninstall rate

Downloads are an important metric to track your app’s growth. While installs are an acquisition metric, likewise uninstalls are a retention metric. The uninstall rate will tell you how many users discontinue using your application, this will help you to understand the long-term sustainability of your app. A high uninstall rate might indicate any problem in your app which you need to fix immediately.

2. Cost per loyal user

The Cost Per Loyal User offers a much more useful insight than just the ‘cost per user’, as it grants an idea of how much you are spending on users that really matter.

Here is how you can calculate CPLU manually with this formula:

Cost of loyal customer = Total marketing campaign costs related to acquisition / Total loyal customers acquired

3. Active users

The daily active user (DAU) and monthly active users (MAU) metrics will tell you how useful is your developed mobile application for the users. It refers to the unique number of people who used the mobile app on a specific day or month, respectively. App usage is more likely to decrease over time, so you need to build a lucrative app that users cannot live without.

4. Permissions granted number

Push notifications and in-app messaging are vital to an app’s success, as they show strong mobile engagement. However, the app owner often makes the mistake of quickly sending out push permission requests. Sending this request too fast can disturb the user’s app experience, leading to increased uninstalls. By measuring the number of permits requested to those accepted, you will understand when these requests work best.

5. Session length

Session length is explained as the amount of time the app is open in front of the user. Measuring the number and length of sessions will provide you with a basic idea of how intriguing your app is. A higher session length means that your mobile app is attractive, functional, and useful.

6. Customer lifetime value

The customer lifetime value is an indicator of revenue or earnings from your mobile application.

Analyzing these vital mobile metrics will allow you to fix the issues with your app early on as well as roll out betterment with every update.

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